TOPIC – TYPE 2 Diabetes in older adults

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TOPIC – TYPE 2 Diabetes in older adults


FIRST – Introduction- Identify the health issue(DIABETES(type 2) IN OLDER ADULT) and briefly state how it relates to older adults. Clearly outline the purpose and scope of the paper i.e. include the organization of the body of the paper and aims/objectives.

SECONDLY – Discuss the health issue(TYPE 2 DIABETES IN OLDER ADULT) in terms of its significance to the health of the older adults and discuss the impact of the illness on the older adult.
• Support the discussion using five selected, relevant professional articles.

• Select 3 Determinants of Health (such as income, social support, education )and discuss their relevance to TYPE 2 DIABETES in older adult.

• FOURTHLY, Discuss nursing strategies (interventions) that you would use to promote the health of the older adult with TYPE 2 DIABETES according to the ministry of health and long term care frame work on prevention and management of chronic disease.

LASTLY , Conclusion


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