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You will be conducting an interview with a market research professional or a company representative.  Submit your 3–4 page APA
 Provide an overview of Market Research using this week’s Reading and at least two other academically credible sources you identify in your own research.  15 2. Identify at least two areas of market research and/or data gathering/analysis techniques that you want to learn more about. Describe why these are of interest to you.  15 3. Create a set of questions to use in an interview using the results of your research and reading. One of your main goals is to get more information on the data gathering and analysis techniques you identify in section 2  15 4. Identify a market research professional or a company where a representative can talk to you in more detail about the market research process.   10 5. Complete the interview and write up the results.  15 6. Conclude by providing specific recommendations on how you can apply this information to increase your success in the Marketplace Simulation.  10 7. Writing style, grammar, APA format, and citation style compliance.  
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