The following question is on an International Entrepreneur.

The following question is on an International Entrepreneur.I have to complete a 2000 word case study on ; An International Entrepreneur and I have chosen Denis O Brien of Digicel Telecoms and i HAVE TO WRITE THIS CASE STUDY IN TERMS OF A SPECIFIC FOCUS ON ” Technical International Entrepreneur” this is the basis for may case study. I have to submit same by May 8th and it has another part also Part B; 1000 words Identify the main themes that emerge from the case study of Part A above. And how this particular Entrepreneur confirms/disconfirms the litreture from Part A.Just so you understand the Entrepreneur I have picked is Irish and his name is Denis O Brien, Digicel Telecoms.when I get the assistance I have to be careful for Plagiarism, therefore any work/ reference you may make please can you reference same for me no matter if it is something very smal

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