SPC College HCOs Future Challenge Discussion

Health care environments change rapidly and managers need to be able to respond quickly. Identify at least one external challenge to HCOs you see arising in the near future. Provide at least one example of how your HCO could prepare to meet that challenge.
In your post, discuss your prediction related to how the roles of the strategic planners and facilitators will change in the future.

Your post should be 175-250 words.
Review the Discussion Grading Rubric
You will not be able to see any posts by other students until you make your original post.
Support your post by citing one reference (other than the text).
Cite paraphrased information but do not use quotes for this assignment.
Submit your original post by Monday before 12am midnight (EST).
Respond to at least two (2) other students’ original post by Wednesday before 12am midnight (EST).
In addition to your replies on other students’ posts, you should also respond to any student who posts to your original post and to any of my questions.

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