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Unit 4 [IT213: Software Development Concepts] Unit 4 Assignment Instructions Unit 4 Assignment Instructions Write a two page paper in which you discuss an aspect of software development history that you found most interesting during this week’s learning. Be sure to discuss whether this historical aspect has a continuing influence in today’s software development environment and discuss in terms of core programming concepts such as repetition structures, decision structures, arrays, functions, and variables. For example, think about how the shift from procedural programming to object oriented programming changed or did not change how the core concepts were handled. Submission Instructions You will submit the following: A Word document saved with the following naming format: IT214_YourLastName_UnitX_AssignmentX Unit 4 Assignment Grading Rubric – 40 points Assignment Criteria Points Possible Student selects a specific aspect of software development history to discuss. 0-5 Student discusses the historical aspect with regard to whether this aspect continues to influence today’s software development environment. 0-5 Student discusses the specific aspect of software development history in terms of programming concepts like repetition structures, decision structures, arrays, functions, and variables. 0-10 At least one page in length not counting the title page, include a title page, double space, font size 10 or 12 0-4 Includes a highly developed viewpoint, purpose, and exceptional content 0-4 Demonstrates superior organization, is well ordered, logical, and unified 0-4 Free of grammar and spelling errors 0-4 No evidence of plagiarism 0-4 Total Points Earned 0-40
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