problem solving case study 3 4 slides with detailed speaker notes 1

problem solving case study 3 4 slides with detailed speaker notes 1

The attachment is what has been completed by team mates. I am to do the last two bullet points. That’s all. So maybe 3-4 slides tops.
Assignment Content

Reasoning, decision making, and problem solving are cognitive processes that we use every day. There are many strategies involved in these processes. In this assignment, you use these strategies to demonstrate these processes.
Create a scenario in which your team utilizes the problem solving, decision making, and reasoning skills discussed in Ch. 11 and 12 ofCognitive Psychology to achieve a specific goal (e.g., resolving conflict in the workplace or planning a wedding for two individuals that have diverse backgrounds).
Develop a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation to showcase your scenario. Include the following:

Describe the situation, identifying the problem to solve, or the decision to make.
Explain the process you went through as a team to solve the problem or make the decision.
Describe the reasoning processes and strategies that the team utilized.
Describe the problem-solving or decision-making strategies that the team utilized, and why you used these strategies.
Explain the outcome of the situation.
Describe your evaluation of the process and strategies utilized, and what could have been different or better.

Include detailed speaker notes on each slide that transcribe what you would say while presenting.
Include a minimum of two sources to support your chosen strategies.
Format any citations within your presentation according to APA guidelines.

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