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Question: Describe an instance of plagiarism or other use of another’s intellectual property with which you are familiar. Please give one argument condemning this conduct and one argument defending it.
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Incident of Plagiarism
Plagiarism is defined as the act of wrongful representation, applying and publishing of another person’s expressions, original work, language, ideas, and thoughts (Ali, A. M. E. T., Abdulla, H. M. D., & Snasel, V., 2011). Plagiarism is academic dishonesty that can lead to suspensions, penalties, and expulsion from school. An incident on plagiarism is when a student is given a topic to discuss, and he or she finds an article on the Internet addressing the same question directly. This student goes ahead to copy the same thing instead of paraphrasing or instead of making a summary (Craig & Pearson, 2013).
Argument for Plagiarism
The argument supporting the act of plagiarism is that the original source of information had very significant information, the information that people need to know. According to Garner et al. (2012), some source of information has interesting facts and state such that any attempt to articulate or change the information results in losing the idea (Garner, H., et al., 2012). However, when the writer does this, he or she should make sure that the work is quoted. Quoting of the work serves tow purpose. First, acknowledging the work of the original author. Second, avoiding the incident of copying and pasting.
Argument against Plagiarism
Plagiarism is termed as both anti-truth and anti-academic (Saini, A., Bahl, A., Kumari, S., & Singh, M., 2016). The above implies that the only thing that plagiarism does in hurting the individual and society. According to (Ali, A. M. E. T., Abdulla, H. M. D., & Snasel, V., 2011), plagiarism involves doing the wrong things that hinder growth, waste time, and betrays patience.
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Need 1 response to below discussion:
While plagiarism, for the most part, winds up in a similar appalling spot, with a man miscasting another person’s work as his or her own, it might happen intentionally. Notwithstanding, it is plagiarism, and an organization may not figure purpose if and how it rebuffs the plagiarizer. Consequently (McGregor, 2015), keeping in mind the end goal to stay away from plagiarism, it is helpful to see how different sorts of plagiarism are shown.
Plagiarism is being away for the scatter-brained, defrauder, and the unskillful individuals. Literary thieves are the general population who are the nonattendance of singularity outperform their insufficiency of capacity. I might want to talk about Jane Goodall; she is an extremely renowned researcher with her lifetime investigation of chimpanzees in Tanzania and for the endeavor on preservation and every living creature’s common-sense entitlement. She has composed the number of books and papers (Brookins, 2016). She likewise invested a large portion of the energy by helping people to comprehend that the chimpanzees are much the same as us. In the ongoing years, Goodall has confronted some plagiarism allegations. In mid-2014, Goodall has sent a book to survey to numerous distributors and a few distributors didn’t feel that many the entries are not recognized. A few distributors additionally blamed her most for the entries are lifted from well-known sites like Wikipedia and soothsaying locales. Goodall has apologized with respect to the plagiarism issue and discharged that book later in 2015.
This case would not pulverize her profession but rather the book “Seeds of Hope” is regarding the vegetation, it has little to do with the exertion as a scientist. People are probably going to be exceptionally convoluted creatures (Fong, 2012). Everybody has a few things that are finished by us that we are not pleased with and we might want to reclaim those flighty ends. To be clear, plagiarism is a significant important oversight, it seizes crafted by a creator. In any industry, if we esteem the first work, we can’t take plagiarism easily.
Need minimum 100 words
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