Performance Appraisal Templates

This article help you how to design forms that are used for job performance evaluation.

Periodical Appraisal: From:…../…../……… to:…../…../………

Name of the Employee:


Employee Number:


Date of the Labor Contract:

Type of contract:

I/ Job Description:

State the list of current tasks and the importance accordingly of each task.

II/ Job Performance Appraisal

1. Job Performance (80 points)

f. List of completed tasks – 30

g. Quality of Work – 20

h. Ability to deal with the difficulties – 10

i. Innovation – 10

j. Future Plan – 10

2. Working Attitude: 10 points

c. Sense of Saving and Responsibility – 5

d. Group work ability – 5

3. Personal Development Plan – 10 points

a. Training courses registration

b. Result

c. Future Training Program

4. Movement activities – 10

5. Reward & Discipline

a. Reward

5 points plus for special contribution to the department/office and 10 points plus for special contribution to the Company.

b. Discipline

5 points minus for any departmental disciplinary action and 10 points for Company discipline.

III/ Appraisal summary

1. Self-appraisal by the Employee

2. Appraisal by the Line-manager

3. Appraisal by the HR Department

Employee’s signature: date:

Manager’s signature: date:

HR department’s signature: date:

This Appraisal Form must be forwarded to the departments and individuals: The appraised employee, line manager, board of directors, and HR department (the original).

Apart form above you can use types of form as follows:

  • Employee self evaluation form.
  • 360 degree evaluation….
  • Manager performance evaluation form
  • Employee performance evaluation form
  • Essay evaluation form
  • Forced Choice form
  • Weighted checklist form
  • Rating scale form

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