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Is it necessary or unneccessary for the United States to use torture. 4-6 page, thesis driven essay, arguing your position.

Does allowing torture take away human rights?
What is torture?
What is the ticking time bomb scenario?


5-6 pages, double spaced, 12pt font in Times New Roman and 1” margins
Cite at least two theorists from the book
Cite at least two source from scholarly cites (such as opposing viewpoints)
MLA Format, including a “work cited” page

Cite at least one source from a news article (must be a present article and topic)
What I want:

Torture is unncessacary
Some reasons: Torture is an outdated method, religious reasons, a country’s reputation, etc.
Paper is based on the articles on pages 1-122.
Important quotes from the articles are below.
Definition on torture as the professor defines: intentionally causing physical mental emotional and psychological pain turn unwillingfull person in order to gain information.

5-6 page, thesis driven essay, arguing your position.
Things to consider:

What is torture?
What is the ticking time bomb scenario?

Quotes recommended by the professor, from the articles, will be attached.
Articles are also attached.

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