Math-need answers asap!

Solve & find the estraneous roots where necessaru
g)   3/x-2(denominator) + 5/9x(denominator)
h)   3/ x-2 (denominator) =5 divided by 3 x-2 (denominator with fraction 5/3 and an x-2)
i)     4w-1/3w+6(numerator and denominator) -(minus)   w -1 / 3 =w-1/w+2
j )    3/a^2-a-6=2/a^2-4
k)    3/2x+1 – 4/x+1= 2 / 2x^2+3x+1
l)    2(x+1)/ x-1   (x is the denominator *….then –3=  5x-1/x- 1(denominator)
m)(square root a divided by a+1 – a square root 1/a +1 ) (square root a divided by a+1 – square root 1/a +1)

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