List 4 stages of the SDLC where those requirements are used and explain how the list of requirementswould be used during each stage.

In our class, we use a model for writing that applies to both the classroom environment and the professional environment.  FIRST, answer the question in your own words.  Be sure to answer the question thoroughly, especially if it has multiple parts.  SECOND, provide a credible source to reinforce your answer. The source should support your work, not be the major part of your answer.  THIRD, provide an example that demonstrates your understanding of the question or demonstrates the concept you are discussing.  Remember that your OWN work should be 85-90% of the answer and the sources, quotes, or in-text citations should only be used to support, reinforce, or demonstrate the points.
All materials submitted must be original materials developed by the student solely for use in this class and must conform to your school academic policies.  Submission of reused materials may result in a reduced grade or non-acceptance of the assignment at the faculty member’s discretion.
By signing this 72-Hour Final Assessment, I confirm that the work contained on this assignment is my own, I have received no outside assistance and have properly cited and referenced any external research that has been incorporated in my answers.  I have fully complied with your school Policy on Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism (Policy 150.25). 
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Answer all of the questions below.  Question #1 is required!Your responses should demonstrate your understanding of the course content and your analysis and critical thinking; you are not expected to just reiterate what is in the e-book,but to integrate the information in your responses.   Answers will be in the form of a list or short answers, as indicated in the questions.  Proper APA style must be used for any citations and references that you use.  Your Final Assessment will be scored on your demonstration of your understanding and integration of the course concepts.
The Final Assessment is valued at 100 points and 15% of your final grade.There are 10 Final Assessment items.  Each Final Assessment item is valued at 10 points.

The Final Assessment


  1. Assume that a list of requirements for a new system has been put together. List 4 stages of the SDLC where those requirements are used and explain how the list of requirementswould be used during each stage.


  1. Choose four standard corporate executive positions and describe their roles on the IT Steering Committee.


  1. Explain the relationship between the IT architecture and the IT Roadmap used in the IT Strategic Plan.


  1. Different kinds of personnel are required to staff an IT department depending on their IT strategy. For the two organizations below, identify four IT positions that are most important in each organization and why.


  1. An organization whose IT strategy is to outsource as much of their IT as possible.


  1. An organization whose IT strategy is to develop proprietary, in-house applications that directly support their business and operation


  1. Explain what business continuity planning is, who should create the plan, and the role of IT.


  1. Explain what it means to say that the “IT Strategic Plan is aligned to the business Strategic Plan”.


  1. Explain risk management and what it means to the CIO.


  1. Give an example of a tangible (quantifiable) and an intangible (qualitative) performance measure and discuss the value of each.


  1. The CIO is responsible for the business rules or requirements that generate a new system or changes to the existing system. How is his/her role responsible for these changes?


  1. What is change management and how does it relate to the IT organization?


  1. List and explain three criteria that the Information Technology (IT) Steering Committee should use to select and prioritize their projects.


  1. Explain why the IT architecture is important to the IT Steering Committee and how they could use it.


  1. List and explain three reasons a Chief Information Officer (CIO) might outsource a project at a greater cost to the company.


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