how to use an object oriented approach to update computer systems for business functions

Object Oriented projects are projects that benefit from using structured designs and projects that benefit from using OO design. Most organizations have standardized on structured design methods. Considering the years of investment put into the process, the training, and the document templates, transitioning to OO design is typically not a good financial decision, as it is a very costly transition. This is especially true since there is not a business case that supports OO design being more cost effective, providing better system designs, etc. than existing structured design. The OO design methodologies are prevalent in newer companies because OO was the current model used as newer companies began building the IT system analysis processes.
The first step in OO design is to define the system objects. The object is the noun: the person, the customer, the student, the car, etc. The object has attributes and methods. An attribute is something that describes the object. Consider the attribute the adjective. An attribute is a characteristic: an age, a color, a make, a model, a score, etc. The object also has methods. The methods are verbs that the object can perform. Examples of methods are: grade the test, drive the car, or buy the item.
Using the Campus Bikes case study found in your module resources, complete the Module Five Homework Activity. Using a Word document, you will answer four prompts based on the case.
For additional details, please refer to the Module Five Homework Activity Guidelines and Rubric document.
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