How to Make an Outline of the Essay

To analyze the basic points of the essay is the first step in essay writing. You should write down all the information that brain discovers. After that you can arrange it in a sequence. It attracts the reader. Usually, we use following steps to write an essay:

1. Definitions

2. Merits

3. Demerits

4. Role in society

Most of the essays are moved around these points. With outline you can make your essay impressive.

How to make an outline

We take the example of “Un-employment“. Firstly, we write the definitions of unemployment in which we try to describe its meanings, nature and philosophy. Secondly, causes of unemployment describes in details. Thirdly, we write the outcome or results and how it affects our society.

If you are not well aware of the topic, write the outline at the end.

Wrong way to make an outline

1. Introduction

2. Advantages

3. Disadvantages

4. Conclusion

Correct way to make an Outline


1. Unemployment is a popular and widespread problem of modern age. People having no work to earn are called unemployed.

Causes of Unemployment:

1. Overpopulation is the main cause of unemployment.

2. There is lack of industry, mills and factories in the country.

3. The wrong distribution of wealth in the country also results in unemployment.

Effects of Unemployment:

1. Unemployment produces frustration among the educated people.

2. It gives birth to criminals and rebels.

3. It hampers the progress of the country.

How to overcome it:

1. The industry must be expanded.

2. Our education must be overhauled. It should be related to life.

Outline is the way to organize the information of your mind in an attractive form.

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