Fun With Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting Analysis is about getting to know and understand people better through their handwriting or cursive writing. Many handwriting experts also employ print writing (writing in block or capital letters) to understand personalities. But let’s talk about the fun side of handwriting analysis.

You don’t need to be a handwriting expert to understand someone’s personality through their handwriting. Of course, what you discover might not be as accurate or complete as that of an expert’s. But who cares?! As long as you are out to have some fun, let’s just keep the technicalities to the experts, and let’s just have some fun!

So, let’s get started.

Pick up the handwriting sample of someone close to you. A handwriting sample is something that consists of at least 6-7 sentences where most of the English alphabets have been used. I know it can be difficult to find a “good” sample but let’s just get started.

Look at the sample. Notice how big, small, medium sized, or crooked the words are. Now remember this – the larger the words look, the more talkative or open the person will be. On the other hand, the smaller the words look, the more closed or shy the person is.

Now think about the person whose handwriting you are looking at. Do you see any connection between the personality and the handwriting?

Next, look at which direction the letters slant in the handwriting. Do the letters slant towards the left or the right or maybe both? Letters that slant towards the left mean the person is unable to let go of the past. Slanting towards the right means the person is open to the future and future possibilities. Straight up letters indicate balanced individuals. And having a mix of slants means the person is fickle minded or indecisive.

Again, think about the person whose handwriting you are looking at. By now you must be seeing some connection between the personality and the handwriting, right?

Of course you have! This is fun, isn’t it?

Now you’ve got the proof that whatever you think about a person is technically correct as evidenced from their handwriting. For instance, if your partner is fighting the urges of commitment towards your relationship, you can show the evidence in the left, right and/or straight slants in your partner’s handwriting. What do you have to say about that!?!

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