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Otto WagnerMarch 15, 2021

Reverend William B. Slick is the spiritual leader of the Church of the Jurassic Spirit (CJS). CJS doctrine claimsthat every invention since the dinosaurs has been inspired by the devil and that members must return to thespirit of the Jurassic period in order to be purified. The primary ritual is to publicly bathe in the essence of thedinosaurs(oil). The CJS applies for a permit for 500 of their members to assemble to bathe in oil in Capital CityPark. They will then march to the Capital City River to dump the oil, thereby “returning it to the Earth.” Themayor of Capital City despises the CJSers because he feels that their ritual is a waste of petroleum, which is adiminishing resource. He also feels that the dumping of the oil will pollute the river. The police chief of CapitalCity hates the idea of 500 naked CJSers bathing in oil in the park and fears their march to the river will causecounter demonstrations and possible violence. The permit is denied. The CJSers go ahead with their ritualanyway and are arrested.Research First Amendment cases involving free exercise of religion and freedom of assembly.Write a paper addressing• Whether Capital City has violated the CJSers’ free exercise of religion.• Whether Capital City has violated the CJSers’ right to freely assemble.• Whether city ordinances that require permits for a march violate the First Amendment.• What the limits of the free exercise of religion clause are.Must use three U.S. court cases and one scholarly U.S. source. Must use APA 7th edition format, template willbe attached.Please use the following court cases:Cohen V. California (attached)Texas v. Johnson (attached)Virginia v. Black, 538 U.S. 343 (2003).

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