Ms Woods
Below is another assignment for you to assist with.  I really appreciate your help. 
Write an essay that responds to the following questions. Before completing this assignment, please review the rubric and requirements for this essay in the Course Grading and Rubrics menu item under Course Home.
Write a minimum of two paragraphs for each of the following topics: (In many cases, it might take several well written paragraphs to successfully present your answer to the questions, topics, or issues AND display evidence of critical thinking.)
1. Explain in detail the six-class system used to describe social class in the United States and how it relates the Webarian tradition. (Chapter 4)
2. Identify and discuss the four (4) types of elite organizations that support the policy making process by Neoconservatives. (Chapter 4)
3. Discuss the impact of intergeneration mobility and structural mobility on one’s chances of being upwardly or downwardly mobile. (Chapter 4) 
Below is the title of the book for course: 
Title: Social Inequality and Social Stratification in the United States 1st Ed.
 Authors: Christopher B. Doob

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