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Essay #2: Argumentation
Assignment: Essay #2: Argumentation—100 points
First Draft Due: Monday, September 25, 2017 in class—three copies (25 points)
Final Draft Due: Friday, September 29 on D2L by 11:59 p.m. (100 points)
You will write a 600-word essay (at least two full pages) on ONE of the following topics:
A) Should employees be fired for controversial posts they make on social media?
B) Should professor evaluations be made publically available to college students and
other professors?
Your essay will have an introduction with a thesis, three body paragraphs, and a short
conclusion. Your paper should follow the outline below:
I. Introduction
A. Attention device
B. Brief background
C. Thesis/Position
II. First Body Paragraph
A. Other side of the issue/Raising objection
B. Your brief response/Countering objection
III. Second Body Paragraph
A. Key Point #1
B. Evidence
C. Reiterate key point and transition
IV. Third Body Paragraph
A. Key Point #2
B. Evidence
C. Reiterate key point and transition
V. Conclusion
A. Wrap up key points
B. Parting remark
It will not be enough for you just to make claims; you have to support your claims with clear
evidence. Also, keep in mind the tips we have discussed in and out of class regarding the
argumentation essay when writing your paper.
Your essay should follow basic MLA format. Type your name, my name, course information,
and date in the upper left-hand corner on page one of your essay. Your essay should be double-
spaced in 12-point Times New Roman font. Life Advice: We never know what life has in store
ENGL 1102-03
M. Hankerson
for us (emergencies, technical problems, personal “issues,” etc.); therefore, do not wait until
30 minutes before the deadline to begin revising and/or uploading your paper.
You will bring THREE copies of a typed, first draft to class on Monday, September 25 as
discussed previously during class. Note: You will receive a penalty for coming to class
without three copies of the draft and/or not fully participating in the peer review process. I
will not review late “drafts.” You can view the scoring rubric below to guide your response.
Argumentation Essay #2 Scoring Rubric
Area of Evaluation Total Percentage/Points Your Percentage/Points
Organization: Does the paper follow a
clear plan? Is the thesis clear? Does the
student use topic sentences in body
paragraphs to stay focused? Does the
student’s writing logically move from point
to point? Does the student take a clear
position on the issue? Does the student
clearly address the “other side” of the
issue? Does the student avoid surpassing
700 words? Does the student follow the
assignment outline?
Development: Does the student
support his/her claims with details,
examples, facts, or other specifics to
enhance his/her credibility? Are the body
paragraphs longer than the
introduction and conclusion? Does the
student provide researched evidence to
support his/her claim? Does the student
point out one logical fallacy in the
opposing viewpoint? Does the student
mostly avoid logical fallacies
him/herself? Does the paper meet the
minimum word count?
Style: Does the student use an
engaging writing style? Does the
student utilize college-level diction and
transition statements well? Does the
student offer any unique insights?
Mechanics: Does the student mostly avoid
critical errors in grammar? Does the student
utilize punctuation correctly? Are words
spelled/used correctly?
Is the paper in the correct MLA format?
Total 100%
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