College Personal Essay

Make sure the essay gives the reader a greater understanding of you not about someone or something else. Oftentimes, when we try to describe what we value or what we care about, we do so by talking about someone or something that is a great example of those values and priorities. Be careful not to center the example in your essay and instead, explain why the example resonates with you.

– Talk about my love for knowledge in depth.
– Talk about my love for science in depth
– Talk about my personal life in the matter of how i faced many struggles having no father, and that my mother had cancer ( MOTHER IS STILL ALIVE, AND SHE IS A HISTORY MAJOR). a paragraph in that would enough.
– Talk about my dream of achieving high level of career standings, and research standing.
– Talk about my focus and love for the earth and ocean science.
– Mention a interest in the criminal justice field.
– Conclude the essay with my desire of making the world a better place through research and science.

Note: The essay needs to be well written and ORIGINAL. No paraphrasing, no copying, and no citing. must be grammatically correct and coherent.


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