Clep Study the Easy and Fast Way

Clep stands for the College Level Examination Program.  What this fantastic program offers to college students is this:  the opportunity to take a test that, if passed with a certain score, can earn the student college credit for required degree classes at your college or university.  Many students find that clep testing allows them to spend their time on more advanced level studies, or the ability to explore electives of their choosing with the time saved that would ordinarily be spent in a quarter-long introductory college class.  For all of these benefits, many students turn to clep study aids to help them prepare for their clep testing.

You will find that clep prep comes in two basic forms:  hard-copy books and online clep study aids.  Both offer general clep test-taking tips, and then they offer questions and sample tests based on the particular test for which you require study. 

There are thirty-four clep exams offered by the College Board; you will want to check with your college to see which ones they use for credit at your particular college.  Each college sets its own clep policy, so you will want to read that policy before your proceed.

A clep study guide is available for each clep exam you wish to take.  Exam subject areas include composition and literature, foreign languages, history and social sciences, science, math and business. 

Depending on the subject area and your level of knowledge, you might require only a quick brush up of the material or a more in-depth perusal of the subject matter.  There are several online clep study guides available that are easy to use and provide you with the clep study that you need in order to do well on your chosen clep exam. 

InstantCert is appropriate for those who need a short brushup on the subject of the exam.  A series of online flashcards allow you to answer questions, and get immediate feedback on your answers, providing you with the correct answer if you get one wrong. 

Petersons also offers a clep study guide that focuses on practice tests.  Here you will find three full-length practice exams, which are timed.  Using this type of clep study aid is useful in that it helps you prepare for the timed nature of the actual exam.

Both of these study guides help you to quickly and easily narrow down what you might have forgotten about the subject, so you can then do some focused reading and be prepared on test day. 

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