Strategic Management

Difference between merger and acquisition (and takeover)-possible short answer/essay question
Reasons for acquisitions (m/c questions only)
Problems in achieving acquisition success (m/c questions only)
Figure 7.1 (p.205) is a good summary
Effective acquisition (table 7.1-p 210 is a good summary)
Define restructuring, downsizing, downscoping, LBO
Chapter 8
Figure 8.1 on p.228 is a good summary (possible essay question)
Identify opportunities

  • What are the benefits of international strategy?

International Business-Level Strategy
International Corporate Level Strategy (possible essay question)
Define liability of foreignness
Choice of international entry mode (possible essay question)
Risks in international environment (m/c questions only)
The Challenge of International Strategies (m/c questions only)
Chapter 9
Define cooperative strategy
Strategic alliances (types-m/c questions only)
Business level cooperative strategy (possible essay)
Corporate level cooperative strategy (m/c questions only)
International Cooperative Strategy
Network Cooperative Strategy
Managing Cooperative Strategies
Chapter 10
Separation of ownership and control
Agency problem (possible short answer/essay)
Three major players of corporate governance (possible essay)
Define corporate governance
Institutional owners (m/c questions only)
Classification of boards
Executive compensation (possible mistakes and how to pay-essay question)
International corporate governance (possible essay questions)-Be ready to compare and contrast U.S with U.K, Germany and Japan.
Ethical behavior (m/c questions only)
Chapter 11
Define organizational structure
Define organizational controls
Relationship between strategy and structure (possible essay question)
Evolutionary patterns of strategy and structure
Different types of organizational structures (possible essay question)
Matches between business-level strategies and functional strategies (m/c questions only)
Matches between corporate level strategies and multidivisional (m/c questions only)
Matches between international strategies and worldwide structure (m/c questions only)
Chapter 12
Define strategic leadership
Figure 12.1 (p.371)
Define managerial discretion (figure 12.2-p375 is a possible essay question)
Managerial succession (possible essay questions)
What are the key strategic leadership actions? (possible essay question)
What is balanced scorecard?
Chapter 13
Only m/c questions from this chapter
What is strategic and corporate entrepreneurship?
What is entrepreneurship?
Three different types of innovation
Who are entrepreneurs?
Internal innovation
Difference between incremental and radical innovation
Difference between autonomous and induced strategic behavior
Innovation through cooperative strategies
Innovation through acquisitions
Creating value through strategic entrepreneurship

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