analyze reflect connect essay 4

analyze reflect connect essay 4

As your textbook describes, the Frankish ruler Charlemagne (“Charles the Great”) successfully built the largest empire (the Carolingian Empire) of early medieval Europe, temporarily establishing some degree of broad unity and order in an otherwise politically decentralized and chaotic age. The empire, however, did not last intact much beyond his death, broken down by both internal fighting and external attacks. European disunity and disorder soon returned.

Please make sure answers are from the files attached especially for the 1st answer

For this assignment, and based on your textbook reading, address the following:

(1) Analyze/Reflect: What methods did Charlemagne use to build, unify, and stabilize an orderly empire? (Hint: Consider military, religious, educational, and diplomatic actions and policies.) How would you evaluate his efforts? Shortly after his death, what developments led to the breakdown of the empire and a return to greater chaos? (Hint: Be sure to include the role of the Vikings.) This section should comprise the larger part of your essay.

(2) Connect: What observations or lessons could be drawn from this historical period regarding the tensions between order and disorder in present-day society and in the world? Provide at least one specific illustration/example.

(3) Further reflection: How much uniformity is required for unity? (This is a challenging question for all human institutions, whether countries, societies, churches/religions, companies, political parties, social clubs, even universities.)


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